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High Impact Wrestling
June 22, 2018, 02:10:08 pm
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PWR Debut

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Author Topic: PWR Debut  (Read 90 times)
Matt Marvel
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« on: December 19, 2008, 01:52:03 am »

So Here I Stand!

A loud boom is heard and out of the shadows of the dark city streets appears Matt Marvel. Matt is outside on a cloudy, cold, December night in an unfamiliar town. Mattís wearing a black, layered polo shirt with dark blue jeans. The clamps from the leather bottoms of his heels clap against the wet concrete throughout the city streets. Matt looks at the camera and he continues to walk forward. Cars past by Matt and help light up the street with headlights. The green and red colors from street lights reflect off of the puddles on the sides of the road, giving the area a dark, yet dreamy look.

Matt Marvel
Arguably the best main eventer on the High Impact Wrestling roster is standing here in this city. No people, I am not in England right now. Iím not in Boston either. Iím here at a new home.

Matt continues walking down the road. On the sides of the streets you see homeless people sleeping, or asking for change. People are talking in phone booths or hailing a cab. Matt walks by the people and takes a turn at a corner. Around the corner he walks up a gravel bridge. The bridge hangs over a lake in which lily pads and weeds are growing inside and around the lake.

Matt Marvel

You see, in order to become a known figure. In order to become historic, you need to let yourself be heard. You canít stay cooped up in one area. You got to be free, stretch the limbs, you know. Meet new people, introduce yourself, and help them know who you are and who you are planning on becoming. You got to take steps outside of the boundaries. You got to cut work out and progress little by little. Do not worry though, HIW. Matt Marvel is still with you, but I just need to progress a little, you know?

Matt keeps on walking. He walks into a nicer part of town, more of an urban area. There are restaurants, stores, and supermarkets all around.

Matt Marvel
Thatís why Matt Marvel has a new contract. I am officially the newest member of the Phoenix Wrestling Revolution! I didnít make the choice, you fans did. PWR needs somebody special to sell seats. PWR needs improvement, somebody who can turn a little something into a phenomenon. I can glance at a woman at a party and she'll walk out with my arm around her shoulder. I can glance at a child and they'll plead for an autograph. I guarantee you that I will make my debut and you will ask for more. PWR fans need a role model, not a hero. They don't need somebody they can admire, they don't need a hero! Heroes are for children. They need somebody they need to envy. You want to be great one day? You're going to have to watch on the sidelines for a while before you try to make the jump to glory. One sample match isnít enough to satisfy you PWR fans. You need to know the real Matt Marvel, what I can actually do! I have been in matches that most superstars would die to compete in for the fame that it brings. Take a step in my shoes, feel what itís like to be me. Itís a sweet life, a good one. Every morning I take a gander in the mirror and feel sorry. Not for myself, but for other people. I mean, itís a terrible thing how people canít be as heart throbbing, eye widening, pulse poundingly good looking as myself. I got brains, looks, whatís left?

Matt walks into a large building with the PWR logo in orange neon lights near a large gaping window. The camera zooms out to show Matt entering the building, but still showing the large building.

Matt Marvel

The camera turns to Matt Marvel in an office looking at a contract. It shows Matt signing his name and a hazy, faded version of the contract is being recorded above it. Matt narrates.

Matt Marvel
I am one of a kind! The perfect combination of physique, knowledge, and talent. You may of seen me wrestle, before. If you havenít, I advise you fans take a good look, as well as some of my future co-workers. Iím taking PWR by storm, and nobody can stop me! I am the ideal image of the perfect human being. My body is carved and chiseled out of stone, like a Greek god! My knowledge is as bold as an ancient historian! My talent, haha! If pro wrestling was an Olympic sport, Iíd be a gold medalist. People can brag and brag about their accomplishments, but how many people can keep those accomplishments? Itís hard because a lot of times there will always be one person who is bigger, who is better that will be one step ahead of you. Odds are, that person is me. You give me an accomplishment you have achieved, and Iíll do it! Only better. In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time! I guarantee you, I will enter PWR and be in the main event status is a matter of weeks. Iím a natural born competitor and with one match I can take the greatest PWR wrestler, knock his block off, and progress more and more! I can brag, Iíve earned the right in the past!

Matt finishes signing and shakes the hidden manís hand. He gets up and exits the office. He walks down the building hallway.

Matt Marvel
Christian Carter! Youíre the lucky man. You oughta be proud, kiddo! Youíre going to help me make PWR history. Christian, you are going to lose. Plain and simple. But youíll be famous, I guarantee that, because you are going to be my first opponent. Youíre going to have bragging rights by the end of the match, because if youíre lucky, you can be different from my future opponents, because youíll be the only wrestler in PWR who can say they survived against Matt Marvel. Iím a nice guy, I wonít humiliate you, just show you who the new kid in town is, and what the future beholds for him.

Matt goes into the elevator and presses a button and waits while narrating.

Matt Marvel

I believe me and you could be good friends, pals, buddies! Iíll be the greatest superstar in PWR, and you can help me. Who knows, you be a good kid, and Iíll let you carry my bags in! Haha, but in all seriousness. A guy like you has got a great future ahead of him. You got your young age image, a nice face, and whatís most important? Time. You got time to achieve as much goals as you want. Thatís good. But tonight, I just might ruin those goals before you can even achieve them. You got time, but in the long run, what good is time if youíre wasting it lying down on the canvas or lying in a hospital bed? What good is it that? Christian, you may have got bright dreams, but those dreams will turn into nightmares. I mean, come on! Iím nearly bigger than you, have more experience than you, and more talent. I one my first world title in my second match! My first match I defeated two of the biggest and baddest wrestlers in England, in a handicap match!

Matt exits out of the elevator. He walks outside and waits at a corner. He sticks his hands in his pockets to keep them warm.

Matt Marvel
You call yourself Mr. Charisma. It takes more wrestling skill than it does a big mouth to take out Matt Marvel. Look me in the eyes when you see me in the ring. I don't suffer from insanity, because I enjoy every minute of it. The heart throbbing when I step in between the ropes. My adrenaline kicks in and I'm a lethal weapon. You say you got confidence? Letís see how much confidence you have in the match. One match is all it takes to unravel my future goals. Three seconds is all it takes to move on. When that match starts and I rip that pretty-boy, bleach blond hair right out of your scalp, youíll know Iím more than just a charismatic, good looking guy. The match will continue from there, and at the end, when youíre dazed and start to feel light headed. You start to feel weak in the knees, with your legs quivering, shaking in your boots. Iím going to lift you up high in the air, turn you around, and hit you with The Marvel Madness! Your jaw is going to be forced back into your face, teeth will be falling out, and who knows, we may need a stretcher out at ringside. Itís my first match in PWR. Today I take on Christian Carter, next week is anybody else!

A cab pulls up and Matt enters. The screen pans out and in cursive writing the words spell out MATT MARVEL in front of the large city area. The screen then fades to black.

Tis' short, but good for a debut rp
Good luck, to a good friend (Billy-J)
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