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Title: The Rules
Post by: Scorpio on May 15, 2007, 06:31:51 pm
1. No posting in this topic.

2. No insulting without good reason.

3. No editing other people's posts without good reason.

4. You can join as a real or original.

5. Swearing is allowed, just don't use it in excess.

6. No racism or slurs because one person is different.

7. No Spam.

8. No complaining if you lose, or if you forgot to roleplay.

9. It's your responsibility to check the card each week to see if you're on it, so don't complain if you didn't know you had a match.

10. No public advertising.

11. You must stick with your character for 1 month at least, and only two total changes

12. You must RP at least once for your match.

13. You cannot attack your opponent in an RP more than once a week, or more than two weeks running.

14. Leave a record of your matches in your sig if you want. Win/Draw/Lose

15. Feel free to go to the member's section whenever you want.

16. You cannot attack staff/announce team during an RP

16.1. You cannot edit your rp once it's been posted unless it's for grammar/coding or you've been asked to by staff

17. Enjoy your stay and follow the rules. Or you'll be fired.

Extension Of The Rules - 22nd December 2007

18. The RP must be over 200 words

19. Do not rp right up to the deadline. We want to see one rp from everyone up by a day and a half before the deadline, so as everyone has time to rp back. Remember this is a game, and I will now look at rp'ing right up to the deadline as cheating.

20. Please stay as active as possible. If you cannot RP then please let staff know, and talk on the OOC and Backstage boards all you like.

21. RP boards are for RPs only. If you spot something wrong with the rp let a staff member know via pm, don't post it in the rp topic.

22. If you're going to insult HIW, do not be surprised when you're fired.

Rules Extension - 27th February 2008

23. Bullying is strictly prohibited, and will be dealt with using the severest punishments.

24. Any n00b action (That is acting as if you're an expert when you are new) will be looked upon with dismain, and will most likely be commented on by members.

Advertising Rules

1. There is a place for advertising, the 'Other E-Feds Chat'. This is the one and only place to advertise.

2. Personal Message advertising is strictly prohibited, and anyone caught doing it will be banned for 2 days at least.

3. If you receive any PM advertisements please press the 'Report' button immediately, or forward the PM to an admin.

4. Any advertising deemed as 'bullying' will be blocked, and the advertiser will be put on warning stage two. Bullying is strictly prohibited in HIW, and won't be tolerated.

Title: Re: The Rules
Post by: Scorpio on December 22, 2007, 09:59:40 am
Rules updated.